Well well well, even if it was for love, one does NOT just go smashing up the external life orbs that housed the ever living life force of the Dragon god, Demon queen Dragulia!!

With her dying breath Dragulia curses flo’s ancestor. Blood for blood. Dragulia’s seventh eye can see everything that ever was or will be and she’s seen that Flo’s whole blood line will suffer eternally for taking Draguila’s life.

Flo confirms it. In her family women aren’t able to reproduce due to their rapid blood expulsion. Except later in life when the blood flow slows down enough for reproduction to occur!

However every woman in her family gives birth to a daughter… and dies during labor. And the cycle repeats endlessly…

Such is the curse of the Dragon god!!

Well… quite the downer! But don’t worry. 😉 There’s a silver lining you might not be seeing—