Raven’s first order of business is to fix Dornail. Although the results aren’t much different than what Rodney initially did! Although the sensei seems pleased Dornail is not…. but he doesn’t have too much choice.

Raven’s NEXT order of business is to fix the room mate situation! TO THE INTERNET! (that can’t end poorly right?)


Sarah Lee screams LOOK OUT!!!

A little too late it seems.. An ominous red car barely misses the nimble Sarah Lee who leaps out of the way, but plows into an elderly robot who was in the way.

Upset by the elderly accident Sarah swears revenge for her (grammachine is a total stranger to Sarah.. the title ‘grammachine’ is a term of endearment you use for elderly female robots). Grammachine doesn’t seem horribly out of sorts about it all.

From the car emerges a hero (?!) with a rather scary look. He’s called many names by St. Zano’s cowardly and superstitious criminals–but Sarah may call him Squeelzebub!

Our leading lady is NOT impressed…