Squeelzebub notes to his girlfriend Hamphibian that she was right about Sarah’s appearance–she looks more lady of the night than lady like. Specifically her barely concealed chest.

Of course Hamphibian’s no fool and can tell when her man’s faking disgust (even through the expensive eye hiding suit he’s in). If he ever wants to see under her shells again he’d better keep his eyes off Sarah’s boobs.

Then Hamphibian boasts that Sarah’s temporary beauty is going to look awful with enough time and gravity–Much like Grammachine’s droopy boobs (Much to the offense of the poor elder robot who has already been run down and now has to suffer ageist insults).

Sarah of COURSE is not havin’ it..

From these simple interactions she’s guessed that Squeelzebub payrolls War Hog’s presence so he and Hamphibian are safe while they play hero.

And as for War Hog, when a man has a knife hand and a gun cock it’s not a vast logic leap to surmise he probably went off half-cocked so to speak in a forgetful moment of self pleasure.

All in all they are pathetic and make Sarah laugh.

War Hog is FUCKIN’ PISSED and the three charge in to battle!