We rejoin the boys who have apparently been staring off into the distance in disbelief all this time. It finally sinks in… Sarah’s not coming back.

BUT THE BESTECTIVE HAS NOTICED SOMETHING AMISS! If that was really Sarah then who is that laying over there on the sand?

As they approach “Sarah” she offers definitive proof she’s the real deal to Dornail. A chance to have sex with her vagiiiinaaaa! Raven and Dornail remain unconvinced…

That doesn’t stop Rodney from triumphantly claiming the joke a success! He rubs it in what passes for Dornail’s face these days… a crude rendering on Dornail’s tail.

Dornail knocks Rodney into the sand with one mighty blow and commands him not to address his tail again! Also reminding him that merely YELLING that you fooled someone isn’t the same as actually fooling them.


JUST IN CASE that is Sarah Dornail is going to have to take her up on her offer.

Raven urges Dornail to reconsider as there are more pressing matters. NO SARAH LEE MEANS NO FOOD! It’s true she was a terrible cook.. but without her revenue they’re eating exclusively sand food.. which won’t keep them alive long.

Something has to be done!! But first… Raven’s gotta fix Dornail up…