Hello dear readers!

Just a quick bit of info–There is no ink outbreak representation for Raven’s Dojo anymore. It’s also dicey to count on facebook for announcements on updates because they severely limit the reach of my posts (most of you who have liked the Raven’s Dojo facebook page may notice your notifications have been automatically turned to off… this was done by facebook some time ago and only brought to my attention recently).

Case in point–There is and always will be only ONE sure fire way to know when Raven’s Dojo updates. Come visit the dojo from time to time. I try to communicate what I’m doing all the time. So you will at the very least be in the loop of when the next update is coming if you don’t show up to find a new page waiting.

Anyway.. I’m drawing on the new page now! Just had to let you know about that stuff.

Much love.