Upon learning that Rosetta has a kung fu master, Air Flo is completely blown away by the seemingly awesome Rosetta (who doesn’t need a geyser of period blood to fly and ALLEGEDLY has a name that will blow your head up if you hear it!). Realizing just how amazing her path to the super heroine life is by comparison to poor Flo, Rosetta down plays her origin.

Flo is grateful for the baloney sandwich.. but more importantly the KINDNESS. It’s not something she’s used to. She’s had to move a lot and generally meets a negative reception even from people she’s saved. She was hoping given St. Zano’s rep as a city for loser heroes she might fit in..

Rosetta acknowledges that St. Zano has earned it’s rep as a city full of beginner villains and heroes.. but that just means it’s a great city for a fresh start!! In fact she thinks Flo is going to work out perfectly there.

Flo is shocked by the kind gesture!!————and pressed for time.

Rocketing off, Flo let’s Rosetta know she looks forward to seeing her again and Rosetta let’s her know the feeling is mutual.

Isn’t that just hunkey dorey?! Well, well, well… There’s STILL ONE GIANT MYSTERY AND ONLY ONE PERSON HAS THE ANSWER!!!

UP NEXT: Something has to be done!