Dornail in love? Yes he was. Long before Raven’s Dojo he and Rodney were once legendary heroes. But then any trace of their heroics was erased from history and memory. There was a lady named Nina who won our horny hero’s heart. But for all his accomplishments he didn’t feel he’d be good for her and it never went anywhere. When he was erased from her memory as well he was okay with it. Then her life was taken from her and he had one chance to do something right for her by catching her killer. It nearly killed him, but for her he’d gladly do it again. (Psssst–If yer new that was the last story arc).

BUT SARAH SEES A PROBLEM: Dornail doesn’t exactly SEEM like he just lost the love of his life. He seems just like his normal pervy self.

To which Dornail gleefully proclaims he is super happy because he and Nina’s ghost got to get it on for a year of “mind time” (time flows a bit differently in your mind). In addition he knows Nina will be watching him from heaven which means self gratification is now a team sport.

To a disgusted Sarah Lee this perfectly illustrates the very reason why she doesn’t believe in any of their claims of forgotten heroics. Any good Rodney and Dornail do is almost certainly ruined by their jerky/pervy nature.

With no hope for a change she decides to initiate change herself and leave Raven’s Dojo for good….

UP NEXT: It’s A Bold New Direction for Sarah Lee!