Just remember… Raven loves you.

Sarah’s smooth sailing was interrupted by… A MER PIG!? Well it seems to be so! Sarah kindly asks our water dwelling piglet to step to the left, when she is met with super sass. See this is no mere mer pig. It’s HAMPHIBIAN. A star of the St. Zano Super scene! Head recently knocked Hamphibian is contemplating sinking Ms. Lee’s ship. Not smart.

Sarah also introduces herself as the “baddest bitch there is” then puts on a demonstration leaping from the top of her tower of possessions, knocking the hog snot out of Hamphibian.

Resurfacing Sarah sees her destination dead ahead! St. Zano! The world’s greatest collection of loser super heroes!


Also I am in the valentine’s day sex drive. I thought.. everyone gets boobs and butts from me all the time. So here’s a big Mr. Bastard boner for you.



If you like that sort of thing there are more it would seem.