Air Flo is telling Rosetta Stone about the curse that lead to her condition (and the condition of every woman in her bloodline).

It takes place before written history! A tale preserved through song, Dragulia the demonic dragon queen simply could not get enough of human blood. However she fucked with the wrong woman’s mate when she took the partner of Air Flo’s ancestor.

Swimming fearlessly up a river of blood to find Dragulia’s hiding spot deep in the bowls of No Man’s Cavern, Flo’s ancestor comes across a sleeping dragon. She creeps in stealthily…

AND BAM!! Buries her shawomanic dagger deep in the source of Dragulia’s life force. The singing blade’s tune wreaks havoc on the life orbs and spells doom for the demon queen.

With her dying breath Dragulia utters a curse—-



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