But what Nina REALLY wants to know is why Dornail didn’t get it on with her while she was alive!! Isn’t it obvious there was chemistry!!

A flustered Dornail fumbles for words and finally spills the beans.. after saving Nina Dornail fell for her like no other. But knowing himself he was skeptical he’d give her the life she deserved. Feeling he wasn’t good enough for her, he was happy to keep an eye on her at a distance.. that’s a regret he had too!!

Nina would have been happy just to get ‘dornailed’ it seems!

However… it’s all good. In the end the lesson she learned from Dornail DID give her a satisfying life. Despite the fact maiden voyage was never a success she did enjoy her life because she was happy to never give up on her dreams.

Dornail scores some chest rest as unheard harmonies from Maiden Voyage’s never released album “Maiden Heaven” play softly in the background of his mindscape.

WELL— Time’s not quite the same in your mind as it is in real life! A fact Nina plans to make GOOD use of! Ready for your reward Dornail? A YEAR OF WHITE HOT NINA LOVIN’!!!

BUT WAIT!!! Just because this is Dornail’s mind doesn’t mean his favorite female doesn’t deserve the best—He’s gonna pop the big one!

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