I hope you’re all having an amazing 2015! Isn’t there something so exciting about a new year? Infinite potential….. How fitting for this page!

Having wrapped up his meal Rodney decides it’s time to head back to the ol’ dojo. He’ll toss Eve’s corpse in the sea and be on his way.

With tears in his eyes he tells Dave and Miko that he will always remember them (though they may not remember him!)… But he ruins that sweet sentiment by being a jerk one last time. Although.. He does have a bit of recognition for Miko’s talent.

As the strange heroes ride off on sharks Miko asks the great detective if he has a clue what their next adventure will be!

Of course if something so crazy happened… there’s really no reason anything at all couldn’t happen next. But the unknown’s not to be feared. It’s to be embraced. If anything can happen.. that’s a pretty exciting notion.

Let me say thank you very much to Dave and Miko’s author. My good friend Arson Dadko (aka Dave from Above) was kind enough to grant me permission to use his characters and his city. It has been a pleasure and an honor to drag them along on this adventure. I felt quite a tug at the old heart strings as I wrote their final dialogue! Will we ever see Dave and Miko again? Anything can happen!

And with that taken care of what’s left for this epic yarn?


UP NEXT: ???????????????????????????????