When last we left it appeared Dornail was about to propose!

Turns out what he was proposing was the use of BOOBEES. Which NINA TOTALLY IS DOWN WITH!

Satisfied with her swellin’ melons, Nina returns the favor with a bee ring of her own—DONG WASP!!

The Dong wasp takes instant effect sending Dornail’s boner sky high much to Nina’s delight!

So this is how Dornail’s year of Nina lovin’ begins!! He can have anything his heart desires…

BUT HE ALREADY GOT HIS HEART’S DESIRE! To get to see Nina one last time would have been good enough. This year long fuckathon is just cool whip on an ass shaped cake.

Although their tongues are a lil occupied they both let the other know.. Thith ith luth.

And we leave your new favorite couple to copulate. Dorninail is a love story sweeter than it probably seems.


UP NEXT: Let’s start BOOK 4!!

I actually want to type a buncha stuff … there’s much more to say… but it’s late and I can’t hammer on the keyboard too much longer. I just hope you’ve all had as much fun on this journey as I have. The best is yet to come! Thanks for reading, I have so much more in store. (^_^)~*