So THAT’S what “MMM… Ketchup” means…

Rodney, Dave, and Miko enjoy some burgers and fries at the nearest King Hamburgorilla Fast Food joint. St. Eve Jacobs bundled up and our hero…also enjoying his meal..

It would appear that Gary was supposed to show up for work today in his gorilla suit but called in instead! He’s in hot water with the boss!

As the gang gets their victory grub on the tv blares the C.O.C.K.S. prepared news.. the flood has taken many lives. An all too familiar Mass Quantity Burger Manager lost his assistant manager (who was apparently decapitated in a shark attack). Having already lost a previous assistant manager to decapitation , he’s taking this as a sign to retire! His wife’s sure to be happy!

But it also seems that there were some miracles to come from the flood. Like the tale of  Jake Spade who was missing for a week after being swept away by flood water. His friends had lost all hope.. but as soon as they turn the Auto Rail back on Jake came home! He’d been washed all the way out nearly to St. Zano!!! Quite a miracle considering he survived shark infested waters to boot.

It appears absence has made Grace’s heart grow fonder… Maybe you don’t know what you’ve got till you nearly lose it…

UP NEXT: ????????????????????