Our Channel 7 News caster delivers a solemn send off for a fabricated flood news. It’s not likely anyone will soon forget it. Or will they? Seems like regular old news as he dips into a fluff piece about the rise of butt love!

Poor Miko and Dave can scarcely believe this is how it ends. Forgotten! All that terror and wonder will live with them, but the rest of the world won’t care or remember… It’s enough to honestly want to put it away your self..

Rodney (FEASTIN’ LIKE A FIEND) stops noshin’ long enough to share a tid bit: Anti-Percep tech’s behavior isn’t entirely known! If Miko REALLY wants to forget.. well.. hiding Rodney and Dornail’s existence is kinda what anti-perceptech DOES.. It’s highly likely they could forget it all as well…

UP NEXT: ????????????????????????????????????