Well you can probably tell.. but there is MUCH NEW TODAY——–

As usual let’s talk about the new page first!

-Miko is bored. She hates the flood shelter and can’t wait to get home to forget it all. That confuses the shit out of Rodney! Never mind the fact that she’s talking again .. He tells her to remember they were going to save Dornail and Dave. She snaps out of it instantly! Then Miko realizes that she has a pipod in her ears blasting the new Maiden Voyage song (Dornail me!). Being of a deductive mind herself she realizes/remembers that she was infected and now she’s free which can only mean Dave and Dornail did their job and stopped the ‘virus’. By that logic it SHOULD be safe to use the elevators now!

Then Rodney recognizes that Miko was under the influence of the C.O.C.K.S. anti-perceptech !! Everyone else is disrobing and heading upstairs out the door…


Next let’s talk about some of the fun new dojo changes! As you can tell RAVEN’S DOJO BOOK ONE IS FINALLY ON SALE! This is an extremely exciting time. It’s not only been my dream to have the comics available in book form, but it’s my firm opinion that THIS is the best way to enjoy it! The webcomics are fine but for me there’s no question the higher quality visuals, portability, and extra print exclusive content make the book the definitive experience. There’s simply no comparison!

LET ME ONCE AGAIN THANK MY BOOK ONE BACKERS! I will never forget the miracle that pushed us through to victory at the last minute. Each and every one of you is a fucking super hero in my book. I firmly believe this book will really help the dojo expand and grow in ways it couldn’t previously!

Buying book one couldn’t be easier. Just go to the store, click rodney, click add to cart, then checkout with the payment method of your choice!

Once you get your hands on it you’ll see what I mean. I promise. The fight was very difficult but the uber professional quality is there. It matters and it looks amazing.


You may notice that there are new dojo graphics! A new header and wall paper to be specific. But also a little gold emblem of Rodney stating EST. 1998. I was so busy with kickstarter related business that I didn’t really get to celebrate the dojo’s 15th anniversary. So I’m celebrating it’s sweet 16 instead! That’s right.. for many folks the dojo got started in 2008.. but the truth is it’s been a webcomic since 1998. While I’m less proud I haven’t done a better job of pursuing things, I am VERY proud that I have never quit in all this time. There’s always been SOME kind of comic content (or art content). The new header is to reflect my most recent artistic changes. The journey as an artist never stops. The wall paper.. well hilariously the image I WAS using was never meant to last more than a month! IT ENDED UP GOING YEARS! DOH! Well I made a new file and it’s more flexible. So we’ll probably be changing it a bit more than THAT.

Anyway let me thank you all again for joining me on this comic adventure! Without an audience it’s less fun for sure. There’s so much more goodness in the works.. Stay tuned!