Dornail continues on to explain that although he JUST met Dave today he was impressed that Dave never gave up on himself or Nina. Remember! Those texts Dave sent didn’t JUST got to Dave ! They went to many detectives in Endale! Here in the home stretch only Dave remained on the case… This proved to Dornail that Dave wouldn’t give up on himself despite all odds and also that he hadn’t written off Nina as a simple suicide.

He calls up to Dave who is completely exhausted and makes sure he’s 100% clear on what the fuck just happened—Dave’s “plan” was the mother of all hail marys! Anyway it just really spells how confident Dave was in his own intuitions and Dornail. With a 60 second window of success that would either result in total victory or city wide genocide—it’s the plan only a man named Danger would dare dream up!!

But their sure has been alot of victory blabbing? Is it really wise to turn your back on Eye God (discombobulated or not)?

UP NEXT: ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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