DOJO FANS: AFTER NEARLY 3 years BOOK 3’s ending is on paper!!! It went explosively fast (if you count actual work hours). I busted out an absurd amount of pages in 2 days. Then again I start with my ending first and then work backwards so I’ve been waiting for 3 years to write this damn ending. lol. Anyway ‘writing’ isn’t accurate at all. When I ‘write’ I actually make full page roughs with word balloon placement, character placement, panels–the works! Just rough and scribbly on the drawing. It’s the ‘pencil phase’ for a guy who only works in ink. So I am ready to just slap these babies down and start making the final drawings!! VERY FUCKING EXCITED!! I’m have my typical “beginning of the month” art debt to repay (Yes I am still drawing for artists I owed art for the kickstarter), and I’m working on a few LOCO AND PALS strips, but I’ll be starting drawing on the ending of book 3 very shortly. Just wanted to let you all know where we stand! Again… very excited! With writing out of the way pages should come along considerably quicker.