DOJO FANS: These aren’t the most fun posts to make but it’s more important to keep you in the loop than keep you in the dark. I’ve been kept away from coloring for one reason or another for the last few days. Mostly because of the holiday weekend being spent like a normal social human instead of a comic hermit. So for the last few days it has been fun stuff keeping me from working, but now it seems unfun stuff is having a go at me. My day job has ramped up just a bit and I’m also trying to pick up some extra hours at a 2nd job. That means job hunting (soul crushing as THAT is). Those are the main time sucks lately. Anyway I’m coloring a lil bit every night. Nowhere near what I’d like to be, but thems the breaks! Also a shabby bit of timing is that this is the beginning of the new month which means I have some art debt to fulfill. Normally I stop everything I do, knock out the art debt (some kickstarter art I owe and some Loco and Pals) and then focus on the dojo again for a month. This time I’m going to try and juggle them both together. We’ll see how that works. Just know my priority is to get those pages I’ve drawn (I have 6 in the can and am working a lil bit on more) colored and posted is definitely on my mind even if I haven’t been able to get to them! At least I can report the new video card is quite amazing! I didn’t know I wasn’t happy with my computer’s performance until I found out how much better it COULD be. lol. Just touching base. Hopefully I’ll have comic goodness for you sooner rather than later.