When last we left (OH SO LONG!) Dornail gasped his last gasp as Eye God stood in his/her most confident and dominant moment of glory over the corpse of her/his fallen foe. But something was wrong… She/he wasn’t free to leave Endale and couldn’t figure out why…

A crackle of static and the voice of Dave comes through trying to hail Dornail! He can not see Dornail so this is a shot in the dark but it’s urgent that he at least try–He has a solution. But it is grim.

With Eve Jacob’s app EV3 he can interrupt the MK2u slave signal controlling everyone in Endale. Of course Eye God can switch it back on (remember Ev3 can only bamboozle eye god for about a minute or so), but that’s enough time that all the disconnected infected people of Endale will kill themselves leaving Eye God with no hosts!

Dave will then start a new broadcast warning any survivors that haven’t been infected to simply leave the city. Without people the city will fall to ruin and Eye God will ‘die’.

While Eye God questions if Dave has the guts to go through with it, NOT coming up with a solution in case he DOES try it isn’t an option! And the only person who can stop Dave just gasped his last gasp!

Think fast, Eye God! Less than a minute till everyone dies!


So as usual I want to thank everyone out there for your patience. As you know Raven’s Dojo doesn’t generate any income for me so I’m often at the mercy of my day job or things that slow me up like faulty video cards and stuff. Ugh. This has been the worst delay yet! So agonizing! Well I was working on dojo pages in the down time and have a 6 page build up. I’m going to be coloring them as fast as I can now that the new video card is in and working beautifully. There is a tiny bit of stuff I have to tend to so I can’t go ALL in, but obviously it’s going to be a damn sight better than August 2014.. the month that never was! Anyway I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop. Fans of comments I’m going to go back and comment on the neglected pages. I hate that I let them go neglected for so long but it’s not always easy to slice off the time to reply. You’re worth it though! And I thank you again for being so patient and awesome.