So Eye God wanted Eve to Admit it!! SHE CAME HERE TO DIE!!

Eve admits it… she knew she was going to die.. but she came there because she simply HAD to. Nothing else was working and maybe she could at least stop Eye God’s plans or shut down the facility..You see, even though Eye God represents everything NEGATIVE Eve sees in the world, Eve herself is a woman who has faith in humanity. To the very end she’s sure that her work won’t be in vain..

Eye God tells his ‘mother’ good bye as the video feed ends…

MEANWHILE DORNAIL IS TAKING THE MOTHER OF ALL ASS KICKINGS!!! Without a limb to defend himself he’s got no choice but to absorb punishment.

So with the video now over was the crucial info Dornail needed revealed? Is Dornail even in a position to do anything about it?