The video dialogue deemed important enough by Eve to record and important enough by Dave to play for Dornail continues! We’ve jumped ahead just a bit now.. Eve is not well.. she’s gone for days now and as we know humans don’t last long without food or water. Eye God wonders why Eve has wasted her time developing the EV3 app. It doesn’t work well. It only confuses him for 60 seconds at best and he’s never fooled by the same attack twice. She’s not been able to stop him so far nor has she been able to successfully send for help. Even if she does, it’s not like Eye God is tethered to the Oculair or that building! He’s free to move around as he pleases (At least at the time of this video he was). So .. did Eve really come just to throw her life away?


Dornail continues to put up the good fight but well.. that last hit was certainly a surprise and now he’s gone and lost the OTHER arm. At a total disadvantage he does his best but as this page closes the Eye Bods (once scattered by his sword attack) now reform and attack en masse.