Eve’s confession continues to spill out the deets on Eye God’s secrets and Eve’s final moments. On the previous page Eve had the revelation that maybe Eye God wanted to see her die so that in a fashion he could see himself die (being a clone of Eve after all).  But if Eye God’s suicidal after a fashion then isn’t Eve? Eye God thinks so. Anyway he states that they’re more alike than she cares to admit. Eve tries to deny it but Eye God asserts that he is more or less her clone and these are his actions given his situation and it IS based on thinking he shares with Eve. His goal is to make a real heaven with himself as the true God.


Eye God duplicates the sword technique Dornail JUST used to disarm him. Then he wrestles away the severed Dornail arm. It makes a fantastic club. And then he spears Dornail’s torso with his own arm! YEOWCH!!!

CRITICAL HIT!! Dornail can’t last much longer..