Eye God tells Eve that since his HQ is so secret no one knows it’s there. Also knowing her as he does he figures she’s alone which she confirms as correct. This gives him room to gloat a bit and he brags that he actually lead Eye to this point so she could die. This sounds very much like John Gaunt (the MIB) to Eve, but Eye God is quick to make the distinction: John Gaunt wanted control for power in the traditional sense. Eye God wants to unify everyone by removing their ‘self’ identity.

At this moment Eve Makes a connection: If Eye God came from Eve’s mind.. Is Eye God trying to kill.. himself?

Mean while Dornail catches a bit of a break for just a moment as he removes the leg that was stuck in his back. Utilizing a sword style technique he learned from his sensei he is able to scatter the parts of the Eye Bods that surrounded him. Hearing Eve’s revelation he is a bit disturbed by the implications…