And having finished off Rodney, Eye God polishes off Dornail next!! Astute readers will notice that this move is precisely the same move Rodney did when he first engaged the Eye up on floor 100 of the Eye HQ. An indicator that Eye God has enough vessels to equal Rodney’s might?

Eye God the proposes that if Dornail’s plan wasn’t to try and make some kind of heroic sacrifice maybe he never had a plan.. maybe he was just HOPING it would work out.

This disgusts Eye God most. It’s the ultimate denial of life’s pointlessness.

However the battered Dornail seems unshaken in the face of these insurmountable odds, remarking that Eye God’s crotch is a smooth sphere devoid of any phallus! THIS INFURIATES the electronic god!

The furious Eye God goes to gouge out Dornail’s eyes promising him this is only the beginning of the infinite darkness ahead…