As Rodney and Miko race down the stairwell to the 50th floor (putting them halfway there!!) a foe Rodney faced and thwarted is still a huge problem: Anti-Dave!

Rodney can’t stop thinking about it! Giving less than his full attention they run into the next room and are hurled by a rush of Eye Cultists into the midst of a crowd of The Eye!

Weaponless and unable to make good progress it seems Eye God’s plan to stop Rodney from advancing has begun.


Now about that Video Game… As I’m sure some of you figured out it was an April Fool’s joke. 😉 But the reaction was fairly positive!! I guess I’m not close minded to the idea of an undertaking like that. HOWEVER I take Kickstarter very very very seriously so I’d never begin to go down that route until I knew I could execute the game. Basically this is me saying.. If you seriously would like to see something like that happen let me know and I can research it and see what it would take. Also… the logistics of putting a bunch of people’s characters in one game is a whole other nightmare. How would you compensate them? I can’t even imagine how it’d work. But hey–If there’s a huge demand for it I’ll figure it out!