Hello my lovely ladies and laddies! Well first off I’m sorry there’s been so much invisible work lately but it’s time to share some in a BIG WAY! This project has been pretty time consuming but it’s time to announce it! I’m launching a new kickstarter next month for a fighting game! It won’t just star Rodney vs. Spook (although that’s how it started!). Well.. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking:

screen1I’ve hidden the HUD for these screens because we’re still working out some of the fighting systems but this much I can confirm. We’re going for a smash brothers style arena fighting game featuring retro pixel art graphics. Why? Well it’s the best way to work in as many nods to the fans as possible while not requiring a large creative team. We’ll be showcasing Rodney and Spook primarily as they’re the furthest along in development. The background is a bit rough as well, but that’s merely because we’re really intent on making the fighting the best it can be before we move on to stage development!

screen2Spook has his legendary watchmaker’s gun! That gives him range attacks which gives him the edge over Rodney at a distance.. but…

screen3Rodney can unleash a helluva punch when in close range and cause spook to drop his legendary gun. Without it spook will be far less deadly so Spook players you’ll want to get that gun back fast!


Treasure chests appear randomly in the stage throughout the fight. The contents are also a mystery! A quick strike and they open right up. No keys needed! Ah! A burger for Spook! Hope it’s spider flavored!

screen5Even at this early level we have a wealth of powerups. What will each one do? You’ll find out!!

screen6HELLOOOO LADIES!!! Hey did we mention this is going to be 4 player simultaneous (wouldn’t be much of a smash brothers style game if it wasn’t!). Network play is still being debated as we don’t know if we’ll be able to secure a dev with net code experience via the kickstarter yet, but I can still go on about my most favorite part! OUR ALL STAR CAST!!


I guess since we’ve seen Locus and E’Lonmin from Locus-Godslayer and Ruins of Hesh’imet it’s best to start with them! They’re from Iron Tiger of course!

screen8Well it wouldn’t be fair to my favorite spaceman and caveman if we didn’t invite Iron Tiger brothers Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz and Keyli of Hominids to the party! PAST VS. FUTURE!!!

Oh hey! It’s MORE IRON TIGER CHARACTERS! Phineus Beam from Phineus Magician for Hire and Terry from Errant Apprentice! Terry, Phin might try to get you to put fries on your burger.. but don’t do it man!

screen10And rounding out the Iron Tiger stable is Chance from the Path! OH! What’s Captain Gunky from Mallville Rules doing there?! Honestly I lost a bet….

And lastly Anna from You SUCK and Malcolm Dragon from Savage Dragon!! These 2.. they’re stretch goals. I’m not going to be able to include them if we don’t hit a certain amount!! But hey! It’s VERY exciting right?

So when’s it coming?

The kickstarter SHOULD launch sometime in May. I’m thinking May 5th. It’ll be 45 days long so you have plenty of time to get some money together!

Projected price range?

I want everyone to be able to get a copy of the game digitally for just $15 bucks!!! We have a very small team of 12 people so I think we can make it profitable at that cost. We just need 39,000 to pull it together and a 1.5 year development time. It seems like alot but compared to other games that want half a million or more it’s quite a bargain!

What platforms will you support?

We’re developing the game in UNITY so I guess technically it can come to anything! Obviously it costs more to secure a license on a console so those will be last priority (stretch goals?) with steam, pc, mac, linux, etc as the primary focus initially.

Why promote this a month in advance?

To be honest I want to give folks as much time as possible to save up and spread the word! I hope that you are just as excited as me! Also we still want to get together a playable demo and a slick video to promote things. That’ll require finishing the rest of the cast up a bit more.

Will this interfere with the comic?

I don’t anticipate this slowing the comic down in the least.

Here’s hoping you cats and kittens are as excited about this as I am! More as things develop!