Eye God’s largest vessels have been completely destroyed by Macy Normous, Dornail’s inflatable Mech. But it still really doesn’t mean much. Eye God is unaffected by these physical assaults. He launches into a bit about the pointlessness of life and death without him. Dornail has had enough of this act though. Based on his recurring ‘dreams’ and now the actual experience of being attacked mentally by Eye God he puts it together that Eye God must be trying to relive the experience of killing St. Eve Jacobs (possibly his first kill?).

When confronted by this suggestion Eye God launches an attack which busts through Macy Normous who was previously durable enough to withstand the attacks of 3 giant Eye Gods…

Dornail is left smashed up against the wall with Macy losing air out her bum.

UP NEXT: ???????????????????????