From Macy’s deflated anus emerges the new and improved golden god–EYE GOD GOLD! Stronger and Faster than ever before he’s also got a terrible secret to reveal. All along he’s been collecting data from his pupil’s fights with Rodney and reverse engineering a combat app based on Rodney’s fighting techniques!!

Dornail seems utterly unfazed though, ripping that if Saint Eve Jacobs could see a golden piece of pineapple hardware she’s be disappointed. Good thing she’s dead! Although she’s probably spinning in her chair (which is her grave at the moment).

Eye God fires back that he’s not impressed with Dornail’s calm act. He’s been fighting both Rodney and Dornail simultaneously now and it’s his opinion that Rodney’s a vastly superior fighter.

Dornail tells the golden god one more time–Rodney has never beaten him and now he’ll see why.

UP NEXT: SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET HECTIC!!!! DORNAIL VS. RODNEY (ya know.. more or less..)