So while you wait I received some GORGEOUS gift art from reader Avernal Ascent! It’s of Nurse Miko and it is just fantastic! If you like sexy ladies (and I mean.. you’re here so I know you do) be sure to check out his Deviant Art page for much much more:

(Psssst. There’s also a Tumblr version you should check out that’s even more NSFW–Good stuff!)

Thank you VERY much AA! You rock!!

I’d also like to bring your attention to this comic’s launch:

Speed Demonz is a hip street racing urban epic by a good friend of mine named Gabe Lamberty. Dojo Book One fans know Gabe as the guy who did the epic strip club pinup! He’s a monster talent and his comic seems really great so far (as I knew it would be). It’s only just started so get in on the ground floor. His ladies are sexy and this comic’s gonna be action packed!

Iron Tiger comics!:

While you’re reading my friends comics don’t forget Iron Tiger! It’s loaded with fantastic artists and thousands of free pages of reading. There are so many legends in the making here!

Last but not least—the DOJO!

So when’s the dojo coming back? Very soon. I’m polishing off kickstarter packages like a mo fo and am VERY nearly finished! I’ll have exciting news on that by the end of the week! Keep your eyes posted for the page forecast! I’ll let you know as soon as I get the new page on the slab!