Happy NEW YEAR! Let’s get some new Raven’s DOJO !!!

Miko of course has NO idea what to expect when this strange creature she just met whips out two guns. Rodney lets loose with Lightning and Thunder.. the move is Silencio’s ricochet route, but the ammunition is rubber pellets! The enhanced rubber rounds are not only non-lethal, they are super bouncy thus making the ricochet route technique even more effective. In a single move Rodney clears out a path straight toward the door shocking poor Miko to pieces! He then informs Miko where he got the guns and what his plan is, but it all hits her ear as too strange to make sense. So Rodney breaks it down again–

The new plan isn’t to fight! It’s to move as fast as possible!

It’s much riskier as the eye are able to recover fast enough to pursue them as they move down floor to floor, but with Miko getting more tired and it getting harder to fight without hurting the Eye they don’t have much choice!!