spookWell there will be a new comic from me either Saturday or Sunday. So look forward to that!!! But let me take this moment to tell you to read Adam Black’s SPOOK COMIC! IT’S FREE AND RIGHT HERE. Long time dojo readers know me and Adam go back since 2008. His comic Locus has run parallel to mine for some time. I’ve always been a huge fan and supporter and I’m here to tell you his wild west monster comic ain’t gettin’ the love it deserves!! First off.. the best character IN Locus (that is UNCLE SPOOK) is the STAR of this comic. He is a fuckin’ bad ass monster who can turn invisible, pop out enormous claws, get the fucking SHIT kicked out of him and get right back up. This comic features the origins of his gun which kills ANYTHING you aim it at!! It also shows how an ugly fucker like Spook got a super hot (and perpetually topless) succubi like Silk. All that and the world’s most fucking evil Necromancer–HAMPSTEAD! He’s so evil Fire Eyes had a shrine to him in Murder Mountain! Anyway do yourself a huge favor.. go read this comic. You won’t be fucking sorry.