Happy New Year, Dojoholics! I hope you all have some sort of fun tonight as we shed this old year and head for the new. 2013 has been an absolute blast!!! I have worked harder than ever on Raven’s Dojo despite the surface level updates being perhaps the slowest they’ve been in previous years. No matter. There was literally not a single day this year that went by that I wasn’t doing SOMETHING dojo related and that has felt faaaaaaaantastic!

I’m heading into the new year with reward fulfillment still just barely hanging in there (only 30 packages to go! So close!) and when I’m done: Look the fuck out.

I’m going to fuckin’ unload on all the things I’ve been dreaming up and thinking of this whole time I’ve been working on the book.

2014 will see a dramatic increase in the update frequency as well as a VERY exciting side project that’s been waiting in the wings for over a year now. In addition I’ll be at long last making my return to convention appearances (I’ve been gone from that scene since 2008!). All I’m saying is:

2014 will be the greatest year Raven’s Dojo has ever had. Brace yourself.