Before I wax nostalgic.. 2 things..

1. I’m not going to pretend that it DOESN’T Suck that everyone doesn’t already have their books already. It does. That said.. It seems kind of dumb to let that ruin my celebration given point #2 here…

2. TODAY IS PAYDAY!! I am going to drop every last CENT of this payday into shipping! It won’t get everything.. but it’s gonna tear a big ol chunk outta the remaining books! As I have all along I’ll keep ya posted on things (i.e. when I go to get more shipping info etc).

So… Having gotten that out of the way…

Last year a miracle happened! I’m never NOT thankful for that. As you remember in the final 2 hours the ultimate cinderella comeback king status was acquired as backers came in to save the day. Folks bumped up their existing pledges, shared statuses, tweeted and retweeted.. It was fucking magic.

I’ve spent the last year working on things for the kickstarter more or less. If I wasn’t making a dojo page I was working on the kickstarter in one way or another. It’s been a ton of work… This is beyond a shadow of the doubt the largest project I’ve ever tackled. We’ve fallen off schedule here and there, but overall I’ve been extremely proud of how it’s all come together. Everyone who has their books has given me a ton of great feedback and they seem very pleased with the quality. For those who haven’t gotten their book yet–Very soon. I’m thinking I’m going to dump my NEXT payday into shipping too. That should HOPEFULLY get every last person their books!

I just want to thank you. It’s friday the 13th and I feel like the luckiest mother fucker on the planet. Your constant support and faith in this comic have been validating, humbling, inspiring, and just extremely fucking awesome.

So today (as I shall being) get some victory pizza. We earned it!