SEPT 10th I should have the books!
FINALLY! A DATE! So word from the printer is I can expect to have the books at my local warehouse on or around Sept 10th! From that point I’ll have to pick up the books. Do an audit to make sure there’s no problems. Then after that I’ll initiate shipping!

Just a reminder: I won’t be getting shipping info in a mass wave. I’ll be initiating 1 to 1 emails to try and get your shipping addresses as close to shipping time that way I can have the best address possible for you. Even if you’ve provided me your address in past contacts I’ll be sending you an email and using the address you reply back to me with!

Again thank you all so much for your patience!! It’s been a long road but we’re nearly done.

I will be posting pictures from pick up day and my audit when I can! Super excited!