Hey Gals and Guys!

Just a quick reminder. We’re in the window of time when the book’s are supposed to come to me. I was told (and reconfirmed with my printer) that this period (mid august to early Sept) was set in stone! The book’s on the boat and together we wait!

So what happens once it’s here?

Well I’m gonna send out a wave of contact 1 to 1 with everyone I’m shipping to to get the most update addresses. From there I’m going to move books your ways as fast as possible! I’ll contact you once your package leaves me so you know how long to wait.

Anyway that’s it! We’re both waiting super excitedly.. As soon as I get those books I’m gonna bang the drums on facebook, the dojo, twitter, etc. so we’ll all know. 😀 Thanks again everyone for your patience. This has taken SOOOOOO damn long!!

-Raven (^_^)~*