Hey Gals and Guys! Just a heads up. I really feel like I turned a corner on my reward content creation this weekend.  For the first time in a long time I can say I’m feeling out of the woods. There’s very few things left to do that means I can shift my focus to dojo pages once again. YAHOO!! Probably won’t pop back up to full speed right off the bat because I’m still doing commissions to live on, but it’ll definitely get a damn sight better than it has been (especially these yucky last 2 months).

This is a damn fine feeling. 😉

Kickstarter Backers have been able to see the commissions (and if you haven’t, backers, be sure to check them out..    ). I will be sharing them with the general public somewhere down the road. For now I did draw a sweet ninja commission you can check out @ http://www.ravenperez.com .

Alright! Just keeping you in the know! New Raven’s Dojo this Saturday (or sooner?). See ya then!