First things first—SHAZAM! Well I do so love gift art! This came at the end of a particularly crummy day which made it THAT much sweeter! I LOVE IT!  Thanks so much to Leah for this bad ass pic of the dojo’s resident super bitch and super heroine! Be sure to go check out more of Leah’s work on her tumbler! Freakin’ heaps of gobsmackingly good stuff there!!

And also I just polished off two commissions that you might enjoy over at One of them features a BAD ASS BRAWL between 2 of the sluggers from Ryan Smith’s wonderful Banished webcomic! The other has boobs and zombies and MINECRAFT!

On the topic of the dojo:

Just started a new 9-5 and it is fuckin’ my schedule ALL UP. But I’ll get used to it soon. Anyway there will MOST DEFINITELY be a new page this week if not on the weekend! So see ya soon!