Dornail in the midst of deftly countering an assault by Eye God, realizes something’s not quite right with this sacred place. Leaping from the Holy Copter to the near by piece of shrapnel (previously lodged in his back), Dornail hurls the shrapnel through Eye God’s torso! It smashes into the wall revealing the “sacred realm” to be quite a bit more shallow than it initially appeared. A fake sacred realm for a fake god. But Eye God takes exercises his control over gravity and smashes Dornail flat while replacing his damaged Eye Bod.

UP NEXT: Eye God controls everything… All is lost?

Again, Sorry the updates are so slow! It’s killing me to keep this pace during a fight, but I’m drawing my buns off for reward fulfillment, commissions, and adjusting to my new work schedule! It won’t be long before things even out again. Till then thanks for bearing with me!