Eye God gives chase after Dornail. Our horny hero is still squished under the power of Eye God’s artificial gravity, but is also full of sass!!! SUCK IT, EYE GOD! But Eye God remains adamant that he is a god. In fact he even remakes man in his image! PERFECTS THEM! In fact… Rodney and Miko are about to find out what happens when:


Also a quick word about updates—-They suck. I know that.

I’m sorry that it’s been so bad lately. There’s been a lot of transition in life right now. I started a new day job. But it’s part time so I have to do commissions to try and balance things out. Also at the same time I’m doing kickstarter things. Anyway, long time readers know the score– I fucking hate not updating regularly. When I’m not updating the comic I feel bummed out. Not just for my own selfish enjoyment, but also cause I know I’m letting readers down. Just know that I’m going to try to get this damn ship sailing smoothly again as fast as possible. And above all else–Thank you immensely for your patience.