First thing’s first: There will be a new Raven’s Dojo page up this week a.s.a.p. ! I had a few things combo into each other… a 3 day weekend plus some good book news .

Anyway I did a new wall paper and I hope you enjoy it! It’s Rosetta and Rodney in spaaaaace!! Unlike my normal wall papers where you can donate anything you like this one’s only $1 buck.


It’s been a light month for commissions so I kinda could use some help with my finances. If you’d rather get a commission I’m accepting those too! Full info on that here.

Lastly I’d be a slouch if I didn’t mention that Adam Black has launched part 2 of his kick ass Silk & Honey Epic! Locus fans take note! This is Spook and Silk’s love story unfolding before your eyes! And there’s a sphinx that only speaks in riddles!! YOU WANT THAT IN YOUR LIFE!
Click here for that!

Ok! For now that’s it! Away I go! I’ll have a new dojo page for you very soon!