Dornail (back at full power) drops down on Eye God’s arm, scurries up and POPS THAT BASTARD IN THE KISSER!!! The punch leaves Eye God spinning for a moment, but he regains his composure and is ready to throw down himself!

Meanwhile, Dave is upstairs accessing the situation. The terminal DOES appear to be the nerve center. It has controls for the building and the Eye Virus appears to be streaming from that very terminal! He knows he can’t just pull the plug though and other than documents on the mysterious “Mk2u” he doesn’t see much wiggle room.

Then he sees something strange…

A. According to the schematic on screen the floor Dornail is on DOESN’T EXIST. B. All the stairs in the building….

(We’ll find out next page!!! This epic fight is barreling towards it’s conclusion!!)

Now a quick word on why updates have sucked butt a bit more lately:

I’ve been doing a ton of kickstarter stuff and commission stuff lately. Unfortunately that has made the dojo’s updating schedule suffer. Commissions are all I’m living on at the moment so I gotta hustle big time. I’m about to pick up a regular 9-5 though real soon which may or may not help things? lol. We’ll see. That’s still a huge time loss. Anyway I do apologize, but if you keep up with me on facebook or twitter you know I always try to keep you up to date. Thanks everyone for being so understanding!