Miko just dropped a bit of detective work herself! Which surprises Dornail. Of course Miko is absolutely a sharp cookie given that she’s partners with Dave! The knowledge of antiperceptech allows Dave to confirm Miko’s theory. Miko states the cure may not necessarily be a straight cure.. but at the very least it’s highly likely they’ll find help of SOME kind! Is the tipster still alive?!

But Miko doesn’t get a few things!! Basically she’s aware that something’s not quite right about discounting the importance of Nina’s pipod entirely. For that matter how’d Dornail find the base without all 3 I.P. addresses?! Or who the hell IS he exactly!?

Dave realizes the explanation would create way too much confusion and complication for poor Miko (who was eaten at the time it was all given).

The detective trifecta (and Rodney) make their way towards the Eye HQ!! TIME TO GET REVENGE FOR ENDALE!! AN EYE FOR AN EYE!!

What mysteries will the Crown Building hold?  FIND OUT NEXT TIME!!