The Eye are (as some of you suspected immediately-ha ha) just regular people infected via wifi with a mind controlling virus!! They will infect you, kill you, or die trying!

But you can NOT break their connection to the secret sound that controls their mind or they will kill themselves immediately.

Given what you know about the 3 suicides at the beginning of the comic , 8 days ago when all this began and what you now know for sure about the nature of the Eye I’d say for many of you a great deal of the puzzle is in place now!!

But there’s quite the surprise in store. 😉 I like to save the best for last!

Now completely surrounded by a league of untouchable assassins who want to infect them, kill them, or die trying-How will our heroes make it out of this jam with clean hands?!

Shit’s about to get hectic as this all action all answers issue barrels towards it’s exciting conclusion!!

UP NEXT: How to “win” against The Eye….