The action packed ass kickapalooza continues! Rodney and Dornail weren’t prepared to get splatted upon.  And then Rodney gets a short trip on the short bus! The Eye seem to see nina much to Dornail’s surprise and Dave reveals what makes the Eye so damn bad– Every encounter’s a fight to the death when you’re fighting a suicide cult!

With Dornail still a limp lizard is it Dave and Miko to the rescue? TUNE IN NEXT EXCITING PAGE ! Issue 15 is ALL ACTION! ALL ANSWERS!


There’s some rather excellent comicky goodness I’d also like to direct your attention to:

Fans of Deep space action and adventure should check out the philosophical fisticuffs of Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz! Dont’ call him space batman. He’ll kick your dick off. There’s folks in robes.. but don’t be scared! They’re not a suicide cult!! And Vic’s getting better literally with each page. Soon I’ll be calling him master and licking his boots clean. And that’s only when he gives me permission to speak!

Phineus Magician for Hire is the steel city’s magical madman. He’s hell bent on keepin’ king kong sized crab monsters and all manner of ill shit from fuckin’ up our day. Plus his wife? Total milf. 1500 pages of comic goodness too big for ya? Well 2013 Phin virgins can start off easy. That’s right. Just the tip. It’s a soft reboot. Get in on the Phin with the Kali saga! Also you want to dig Should I stay or should I Migo, a cross over between William Fiest and Phineus. Cause crossover comics are fucking awesome (as you dojo and endless city fans know!) . DAILY . FULL . COLOR. UPDATES. That says it all!

Do I even need to introduce ADAM BLACKNESS? Locus lovers , the story’s not over! Spook’s getting his legendary gun.. meeting his future wife.. FUCKIN’ DICKS ARE GETTING CUT OFF! PLAP! Read Silk & Honey!

Adam ALSO has an AMAZING deal going on his Limited Edition Trade Paper back! He sent me this little bundle of love and it’s one of my prized possessions!! You won’t believe how bad ass that 3d sketch looks! It’s VERY limited so get it while ya can!

The Ruins of Hesh’imet is a fuckin’ masterpiece in the making. It’s got apocalyptic wastelands. Sexy cartoon ladies with blue skin, gold eyes,  and long necks which are oddly appealing.. Oh and fucking FREAKY ASS MONSTERS THAT SPLIT.. wait.. you should just read it…

The Path features a beardy bastard who fights Love craft style hell beasts , casts spells, taps ass and also has a ties to arthurian legend. I dont’ think they even invented enough NUMBERS to count the dicks this is gonna kick off.

Rock Cocks is sexy rock and roll comedy. And you WILL see a cock. But you’ll also see vaginas and boobs and DAMMIT THAT MAKES UP FOR IT! Also I’m convinced these two are gonna be the next big thing and I’m suckin’ up hard NOW so when they’re big I can beg for their scraps!

Mallville cause Gary will cry if I don’t.

Lastly every saturday many of these fine fellows are having a google hangout and streaming their work live. You might even see my shaggily ass in there!! So be sure to check that shit out!!

See you soon and enjoy the comicky goodness!