2 things about the kickstarter: I’m picking up a “we’ll never hit goal! WHAT NOW?” vibe. Not true! I have faith in you all! I’ve said this a million times but that goal is NOTHING if we all pitch in. We’re $5,811 from goal. We raised $3,500+ dollars in 4 days at the campaigns beginning with only 34 people! We have til December 12th! 1000’s of readers read and only 182 folks have pledged. By my estimation there’s a HUGE CHANCE we’ll still make goal. So don’t lose faith guys! Together this is EASY!

The Next thing I want to address is that somehow 14,000 was asking too much. It really isn’t. If 182 people can generate 58% of the needed funds then clearly it wasn’t.

Printing in color is insanely expensive. Kickstarters are pretty expensive. Taxes, fees, shipping, reward expenses. The list goes on and on. Printing is a complex industry. there are too many variables to say comic X did their kickstarter for cheaper. So many things affect that price! Just know that I fought for months to get you the cheapest price I could. I nailed it down to 9.5k. It could have been 12k or 15k BEFORE all the other stuff! How damn expensive would that have been? The kickstarter woulda been like 20k or something nuts.

But again, we can DO THIS, Gals and Guys! I have faith in my readership! There are just so damn many of us. If you haven’t donated I know it’s rough. Even a dollar helps. If you don’t even have a dollar just spread the word to folks you think would like the comic. Without you there is no book one!