Oh my… A month later! Well it’s been a hell of a month! JUST IN CASE YOU NEED SOME HELP

Dave’s telling the truth about the Battle Royale here. When I hinted that I was given a surprising amount of control over my Endless City crossover what I was really surprised to find was I was given permission to reveal the Battle Royale plotline as a scam! But I’m not one to wash away continuity of previous issues (even if the actual author chooses to later). So instead you can take it as this: In the Endless City issues Dave and Miko aren’t aware of the scam (as shown by their excitement on getting to participate after beating James Masterson himself! Who is ranked dead last…).

An astute reader noticed that some time has clearly passed since the Endless City issues and this cross over as Dave and Miko were ranked #1.

In my issues you can see more or less all the uses of rank as a manipulation tool. Kingorilla tried to use it as a way to intimidate Rodney and Dornail. Smoking hottie mentions she gave up her rank to pacify Rodney and avoid a beat down when he took out the 500 club.. (using rank to escape a fight) And whether she actually believed it or not, smoking hottie calling Dave and Miko the real #1 initiated the fight between them and Rodney and Dornail. At this point you can wonder if she was using rank to make a diversion for her escape.. or really believed it herself.

As a bonus Dave and Miko don’t actually dispute the #1 rank at the time the fight starts. There’s no real benefit to it. But as soon as it’s to his advantage to reveal the rank is a hoax Dave does so.

Dave’s been quite the manipulator this whole fight. Anyway hope that helps!!