Dave and Miko.. they’re tricky tricksters! Actually it’s probably no surprise that their plan was a touch more interesting than “first one to grab the pipod runs” . Although that’s certainly HALF the plan! Dornail realizes too late that a bit of personality profiling was used on them in order to play him and Rodney against one another! AND NOW IT’S 3 to 1 with Dornail at a TREMENDOUS DISADVANTAGE!!

Better snap Rodney out of his head smashing craze fast, Dornail or you can kiss that pipod GOODBYE!! Tune in NEXT PAGE as the fight rages on!!!

Meanwhile in Kickstarter news…

25% goal in only a few days! WOW!

I’m super impressed and happy. In a few days we’re 1/4th of the way there! But the road ahead is still long!! So jump in there as soon as you can dear friends! Remember you pay NOTHING until the goal is successfully hit! And nothing if the goal is NEVER hit! You don’t want to miss this chance to snag sweet swag with your book purchase!!! And even if you’re broke—tell a friend!!
WE can do it! Remember, without you there IS no book one!