I admit.. there’s not much to this page. LOL it just finishes the sequence I set up previously. 😀 But Rodney just can’t wrap his head around why Miko’s head can’t be punched!! He used the girl head punch… Miko seemed like a girl. It made sense. Upon closer inspection she’s got the girly bits. HER HEAD MUST BE A BOY!

BOY head punch! No? Both Junks?! Nothing works and poor miko’s hair has not survived the experience of having shockwaves from Rodney’s super punches throw it around.

Rodney puts his brain to the task… and .. it … fails..


So sadly it’s a one page week. I know I know. BOOOOO! But hey it’s for a good reason. I gotta roll home to WV and pick up some important stock for the upcoming BOOK ONE KICKSTARTER…… Shhhh. So that takes me out of state and away from my stuff. Don’t worry. Should be able to do 2 pages next week.

In the MEAN TIME, if I may direct your affection to some bambinos of mine!

http://defenderzik.com/ Gallant Defender Zik is looking really slick these days. New Site Design! Also that sexy bitch Amelia showed up. I’d like to liberate her. Liberate her so HARD. MMMMNF! Oh what? You like deep space? I’ll go deep in your space. Aw fuck yeah. Bitches love the helmet.

http://silknhoney.departure-productions.com/ Guys.. Adam’s Old west monster mash continues to expand the world of LOCUS you loved so much! There’s much to learn in this prequel. And if you were waiting for shit to get good.. SPOOK HAS ARRIVED. IT’S ALL OVER BUT THE CRYING! I was reading it and got so hyped I fucked ate a spider. Then I puked! THEN I ATE ANOTHER CAUSE I WANT TO BE LIKE SPOOK! MMMMMM. SPIDER SLIDER. ARACHNIDELICIOUS!

http://olddyingkitty.com/Phinmagic/ What can I say about Phineus that hasn’t been said? Lots CAUSE I NEVER SAID IT! Homeboy has a monster blonde goat. A smoking wife. He fights to keep steel city demon free. I mean fer fucks sake, this comic’s in it’s 25th anniversary! That’s older than most PRINT COMICS. Read this shit with a condom on. Cause it’ll get you pregnant.

http://www.inkbot.net/mv02_lpg.html You heard of this comic Mallville? Mother fuckin’ super hero teenagers! That shit will leave you in stitches! I’m not lyin’. The author Gary once got drunk and killed a bear. A child saw it and was horrified it. Well ol, Gary grabbed that kid—HELD HER AT KNIFE POINT till he could shrink that bear hide down to a managable kid size through repeated hide tanning sessions. Then her replaced it’s innards with boweevil husks and gave it to the child so as to ease her mind from the trauma she’d witnessed. And thus was born the teddy bear. And he fucking wrote Mallville! so you know that shit’s good!

http://www.menagea3.net/ Sexy Archie with Sex. NEXT!

http://hatefarm.com/ This fuckin’ comic… Did you know there’s a horse hug in it? And both the authors are handsome and young? Fuckin’ sickening. I remember when webcartoonists (or cartoonists for that matter) were all blobular sacks of wit and art. Lousy louses lousin’ it up for the rest of us! GO STAR IN A DEODORANT COMMERCIAL YA HANDSOME DEGENERATES!