Actually not.. ha ha. Just that Dave wants to try and make sense of this one last thing that’s bothering him and doesn’t quite like the response he gets. ha ha ha. Can you blame him? It sounds like balogna!! Anyway the battle between Rodney and Miko continues and Dave and Dornail are having a verbal exchange.. but that precious PIPOD is in the hands of Dornail who is quite weak right now. Not the best man for the job exactly!

up next.. is Dornail going to take this lying down!? (page to come this weekend!)

Also what is the unspoken joke on this page? ha ha ha !!


Here’s some comics I’d like you to try! I mean.. if you are interested. They’re great reads!
Long time dojo fans know Locus.. But did you know the Locus universe continues to grow? Right now there’s a comic about Spook in the wild wild west!
Zik is a comic taking place in a deep space setting. He’s an advanced man who seems to have encountered a primitive slave planet at the moment. The author works tirelessly to improve his art and the website! Check it out!
Phin is Pittsburgh’s resident occult master. Fighting to keep the Steel City free of supernatural pains in the ass. Dojo¬† fans will really appreciate the life long dedication the author has to this book. With an almost intimidating archive of content, dig in and you’ll be reading happily for hours!

See you this weekend with more Raven’s Dojo!