Oh my!! At long last we find out what Rodney is! Dave and Miko figured it out within minutes of meeting him! What we have here is a just a bit of pre fight trash talking. Pretty normal! Just a little insult to the impending injury.. but what’s this!? A terrified Smoking Hottie get’s up the nerve to unleash a DESPERATE “last chance attack” !!!!


Let me also add that I’ll be doing my very best to get out another page sometime into the weekend. Got thrown off my game JUST a tiny bit by a rarely seen friend and then .. writers block. Happens to the best of us! But perhaps even MORE exciting is:


The reward structure has been finalized!!! That means I know what I’m giving out and what it’s gonna cost ya! Just gotta reconfirm the price with the printer, record the video and the KICKSTARTER CAN GO LIVE!! Book one is coming VERY SOON!!! Get ready!!